Welcome to my site

Who am I?

I am a self-made person who believes in continuous learning and growth. While I cannot claim to know everything, I am always eager to expand my knowledge and develop new skills. With a strong sense of critical thinking, I can effectively find and analyze information to make informed decisions.

I am a result-oriented individual who values deadlines and strives to meet them. I approach every task with a commitment to doing my best, regardless of the circumstances or location. As a team player, I excel in collaboration, while also maintaining a high level of personal responsibility.

With strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask, I can effectively manage and prioritize my workload. I embrace challenges and work diligently to achieve success in all my endeavors.

What I can

My technical toolset:

Test Automation Tools: Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG
Languages: Java, SQL, HTML, Gherkin (Cucumber)
Build/CI/TM Tools: Jenkins, Vercel, Maven, Jira/ X-Ray
Version control Git
Databases: Oracle, MySQL (JDBC)
Frameworks: Behavior-Driven, Data-Driven
Design Pattern: Singleton, Page Object Model, POJO
IDE: IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code
API Testing REST API, Postman
Web CSS, HTML, XPath, JavaScript(basic)
Enviroment Agile/Scrum
OS Windows 10, Mac

Additional information

This website is my personal project. I completed the full cycle, from the first line in HTML to publishing it on the web. Yes, I really love learning new processes and tools. You can also see my other projects and test automation frameworks on my GitHub.

I forgot who said it, but: "There is nothing impossible. It's just that some things require more time."